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Benefits of organic pet foods

You must have wondered why many pet owners are switching to organic pet food from conventional pet food. Pet owners who have changed to organic pet food say that their pets have become more activeand the pet’s general well being has improved.

To check if this is true or not I decided to buy some organic pet food instead of the regular brand that I bought for years. The moment I started giving both my dog and cat organic dog food and organic cat food respectively, I could see the difference.

The first thing that I noticed was they started to loose weight and both my cat and dog were not hungry all the time. I did some research on the ingredients of regular pet food and organic pet food. I found out that the regular pet food had fillers like wheat and corn that organic pet food does not. These fillers make conventional pet food cheaper to make, but at the expense of its nutritional value.

I also found out that these fillers can actually be harmful to pets. Pets also have allergies like humans. For example it is a fact that certain dogs are allergic to wheat products and feeding them pet food with fillers is counterproductive. Organic dog food does not have fillers and thus provides your dog with all the necessary nutrients it needs.

My dog is more active now and plays with us for a longer period of time ever since I begun giving him organic dog food .

The level of protein available in organic pet food is higher than conventional pet food making them far healthier. My cat’s coat started to look not only shiny, but also healthy from the time I started giving her organic cat food.

After I begun giving my cat organic cat food, she no longer disturbs other members of my family. She mostly purrs now days and that pleases the rest of my family.


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